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Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas IndustryOverview
Oil & Gas industry has been instrumental in fueling the rapid growth of economy. The petroleum and natural gas sector includes transportation, refining and marketing of petroleum products and gas constitutes. Its final products supply two third of the world's energy. The industry is full of growth opportunities.

Oil & Gas Industry is characterized by rising consumption of oil products, declining crude production and low reserve accretion. Today, the corporate giants in the field are investing heavily to meet the rise demand of the petroleum products on a global platform. Exploration for production growth, development of discovered fields, transportation of crude oil, gas and products, refining to service the petroleum product domestic demand and exports, retailing infrastructure; have become prospective blocks to encourage the sector providing business and investment opportunities.

Projects are spread across the continents, often in remote locations, at sea and offshore. These projects create large number of oil & gas jobs that are conceptualized, planned, managed and operated by highly skilled professionals. The activities for required for oil & gas industry jobs can be broadly classified into upstream, mid stream and down stream.

Oil & Gas Recruitment
We specialize in providing contract and permanent services for oil & gas recruitment solutions to the oil & gas industry worldwide. Our active database for oil & gas jobs developed by the extended network of offices enable us to shortlist right candidate for the these oil & gas industry jobs. We have been involved at all stages of the oil & gas recruitment process from conceptional feed engineering through all stages with the contractor and have followed the majority of projects through to operation and maintenance stages. By following every stage, and by placing high quality candidates into oil & gas jobs at all levels, we have developed a detailed understanding all the phases of projects. We have the necessary infrastructure in place to tap into the global talent pool, importing skilled labour from project to project and from country to country. Our key strength for oil & gas industry jobs is ability to pin-point the deserving candidates within a short span, regardless of the location or time. With an ability to source workforce from India and overseas, we have a strong client base which includes oil industry majors, both offshore and onshore.

Upstream Activities
The upstream activities for oil & gas jobs includes exploration, production and basic processing of crude oil and natural gas. Exploration is considered to be the main axis of activities for finding new sources of oil and gas and is a firm backing of production. Finding the source and extracting oil are the primary function of the industry. These activities are executed by contractors working in the support activities for mining sub sector. While, some of the activities are undertaken by the companies itself.

The increase in demand for crude oil and gas in local and global economies has resulted in advancements in methods of exploration, drilling, extraction, processing and refinement. Using different methods, crew of qualified workers search for geologic formations and exploration are carried out onshore or offshore. There is tremendous pressure in the segment to find and get at new oil reserves that can quench the world's thirst for oil. Supply is shrinking in large part because former third world countries, like India and China, have huge needs for oil to feed their growing industries.

Oil & Gas Industry is looking forward to deploy innovative technologies to locate and extract oil. This has resulted significant rise in demand for petroleum engineers and geo-scientists worldwide .
It takes significant training and education to work in specialized areas of exploration & extraction such as engineering, seismic testing, drilling, operation of service rigs, etc.

Some of the job profiles in the segment for which we have been actively recruiting are as follows:
  • Senior Geophysicist
  • Production Seismologist
  • E&P Technical Assistant
  • Surveyor
  • Mudlogging Geologist
  • Sr. Gom Geophysicist
  • Mud Logging
  • Geologist
  • Log Data Technician
  • Geological Modeller
  • Instrumentation Project Engineer
  • Party Chief
  • Principal Engineer
  • Sr Staff Geophysicist
  • Log Analyst
  • Petrophysicists
  • Aeromagnetic Specialist Auditors
  • Gravity Specialist Auditors
  • Production Geologist
  • Entry Level Pore Pressure/Geomechanics Specialist
  • Senior / Staff Development Geophysicist
  • Project Engineer - Instrument
  • Project Engineer - Streamer
  • Vsp Imager - Global Energy Company
  • Field Geologists And Field Engineers
  • Mud Logger Trainees
  • Directional Drilling Consultants
  • Mechanical Supervisor
  • Mechanic - Workover Rigs
  • Supervisor - Workover Rig Operation
  • Chief Rig Mechanics
  • Chief Rig Electricians
  • Rig Electrician
  • Derrickman
  • Motorman
  • Project Manager
  • Rig Managers
  • Drill Site Manager
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor
  • Drilling Superintendent
  • Drilling & Completion Interface Engineer
  • Driller
  • Directional Driller
  • Roustabout
  • Offshore Drilling Crew Member
  • Toolpusher
  • Offshore Drilling Personnel
  • Drilling Personnel
  • Well Site Leader
  • Offshore Personnel
  • Oim / Toolpusher
  • Directional Drilling Consultants
  • Drillers, Toolpushers,
  • Senior Toolpusher
  • Performance Toolpusher
  • Oil And Gas Drillng Personnel
  • Field Service Specialist
  • Supervisor - Workover Rig Operation
  • Rig Superintendent / Senior Toolpusher
  • Assistant Rig Superintendent / Tourpusher
  • Toolpushers & Rig Managers
  • Workover Rigs
  • Field Service Specialist
  • Senior Toolpusher, Rotational
  • Toolpusher/Night Toolpusher, Rotational
  • Variable Frequency Drive Drillers/Tourpushers, Rotational

Midstream Activities
Midstream activities are basically concerned with the transportation oil and gas from the site of extraction to the refineries. Various activities include treatment of crude oil in order to remove impurities such as water vapor or hydrogen sulfide. Removing impurities and compressing the fluid helps to transport a larger quantity of the crude oil and natural gases.

Midstream activities play an important part in getting the crude oil and natural gas to the refineries and to the end consumers. Once, the petroleum has been through the mid stream sector, it undergoes the final stage of processing in the refineries. The crude oils are refined into gasoline and many other petroleum ready to be sold in the market.

Midstream sector of the industry is full of job opportunities, providing a fast track career growth in the leading multinationals. It includes working for companies that transport oil and natural gas from the drilling sites to the refinery and then on to the consumers. The job demands qualified and trained professionals such as HSE Manager, Operations Technologist, Refinery Designs Engineer, Chemical Engineers, Petroleum engineer and others.

The introduction of innovative technology in the mid stream sector has made process much more efficient and well defined. Hence, the sector requires professionals with specialization in pipe line transportation, refineries, storage etc.

Some of the key job profile in the Midstream Segment of Oil & Gas industry includes:
  • Completion Engineer
  • Senior Completions Engineer - Houston
  • Completion Operations Engineer - Rotational
  • Optimization Engineer
  • Senior Petroleum Engineer
  • Production Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Advanced Engineer
  • Completions Engineer With Esp
  • Applications Engineer Advisor/ Multilateral / Expandable Systems
  • Facilities Engineer Lead
  • Product Line Leader - Optimization & Control
  • Piping, Valves And Vessel Engineer
  • Piping Design Engineers
  • Staff Petroleum Engineer
  • Entry-Level Field Engineer
  • Asset Engineer
  • Senior Multiphase Flow Assurance Engineer
  • Pipeline / Storage Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Health And Safety Manager
  • Pollution Control Engineer
  • Hse - On/Offshore Specialist
  • Hse Auditor (Design)
  • Quality Manager
  • Ehs Team Member- Dsc653 (Environmental,Health & Safety Engineer)
  • Hse Management Consultant
  • Regulatory Manager
  • Engineers (Upstream/Downstream/Epcc)
  • Hsse Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Safety Advisor
  • Senior Fire Protection Engineer
  • Engineers (Piping)

Downstream Activities
Today, the oil companies are in search of trained and experienced workers, who can utilize their experience to streamline the process. The downstream segment of the Oil & Gas Industry is where the petroleum meets the end consumers. It involves overall management of the way the resources (extracted in the midstream activities) are moved to the areas where they are required. This process completely depends upon proper coordination of the supply chain for increased efficiency and profitability. Downstream sector provides the thousands of products we use in our everyday lives and there are about 3,000 products made from petroleum.

Logistic support and effective distribution forms the back bone of the marketing segment. It involves seamless integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging. A company can significantly reduce the time of delivery and increase profitability through proper supply chain management. The down stream sector of the industry is responsible for a considerable portion of industry's' profits every year. Gas distribution utilities, oil product wholesalers, service stations and petrochemical companies form an important part of the downstream sector.

Today, the oil companies are in search of trained and experienced workers, who can utilize thier experience to streamline the process. They provide various opportunity to the deserving candidates for several types of jobs including entry-level positions as well as degreed positions.

Some of the key job profiles in the Downstream Sector of the Oil & Gas Industry are as follows:
  • Manager Of Supply Chain Transportation
  • Director Of Transportation And Warehousing
  • Facility Manager
  • Project Leader
  • Distribution Supervisor
  • Distribution Operations Coordinator
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Process Manager
  • Distribution Center Associate
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Terminal Superintendent
  • Delivery / Bulk Merchandiser
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Supply Chain Engineering Manager
  • Regional Transportation Manager
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Distribution Supervisor (Multiple Positions)
  • Productivity / Training Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Sr. Supervisor
  • Transportation Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Fulfillment Center Supervisor
  • Transportation / Operation Manager
  • Regional VP- Fulfillment & Delivery Operations
  • Logistics Delivery Operator
  • Business Development Manager Warehouse Solutions
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Inventory Supervisor
  • Breakdown & Logistics Supervisor (2nd Shift)
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager Of Operations
  • Safety - Transportation & Facility
  • Service Vehicle Driver
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Shipping And Receiving Associate
  • Database Administrator
  • Director Of Transportation& Logistics
  • Technical Product Support Specialist-Fluid Power
  • Process Manager(3rd Shift)
  • Terminal Superintendent
  • Freight Agent / Broker
  • Regional Transportation Manager
  • Regional Transportation Manager
  • Transportation Broker
  • Distribution Supervisor
  • Logistics Manager
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Transportation Dispatcher
  • Drivers
  • Security Guards

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